Laemmle’s List: A Mogul’s Heroism

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Laemmle’s List: A Mogul’s Heroism

Post by Tryphosa on Mon Apr 28 2014, 15:56

Laemmle’s List: A Mogul’s Heroism
Unlike His Peers, a Studio Chief Saved Jews From the Nazis

Among the pioneering moguls of Hollywood, Carl Laemmle, who commanded Universal Pictures for more than 20 years and who died 75 years ago, was not only less recognizable than the rest, he was also different from the rest. For one thing, he was older than the others and the first to emigrate from Europe to America. For another, he was less autocratic. Laemmle, an elfin man, was informal, unpretentious and cheery. Everyone, including his own son, called him Uncle Carl, and, according to one witness, he would roam the lot at Universal City with a pail in which he would urinate when he felt the urge. Most of the others made a point of declaiming their American-ness. Laemmle kept close ties to his native Germany — he visited Europe each year — and called the country his fatherland.

Carl Laemmle, a founder of Universal Pictures, underwrote or assisted the emigration of many Jews from Germany as the Third Reich grew. Credit Bain News Service/Buyenlarge, via Getty Images
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